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Medical Indemnity for Healthcare Professionals


Astute medical practitioners deserve excellent protection and exemplary service from their chosen insurance provider. URP Healthcare has a wealth of experience in insurance services for the medical sector and our team provides a bespoke and personal service to every valued client.

Our team of Lloyd’s of London regulated brokers are experienced and driven to provide our clients with the best value and most appropriate cover to suit their needs. They have direct access to a unique pool of underwriting expertise in the well-established Lloyd’s global marketplace of 300 years. All doctors working in the UK need medical indemnity insurance. Their chosen policy should give them peace of mind and offer the support needed for any unforeseen events.

Even with the best training and due diligence, things occasionally do not go as planned in healthcare. When this happens, as a doctor, you deserve expert support to minimise reputational damage and provide financial protection to ensure you feel secure during a potentially stressful time.

The insurance policies offered by URP Healthcare meet all independent sector hospital requirements and ensure security in retirement.

URP Healthcare is honoured to be appointed as the preferred partner of
The Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) for medical indemnity insurance. As a registered charity and membership organisation, the RSM’s vision is ‘better healthcare for better lives’, delivering this through shared learning and supporting innovation. URP Healthcare’s vision is to provide the right support and education for healthcare professionals to enable them to feel secure and confident in their workplace.

Our contract of insurance guarantees cover and support* – leaving nothing to chance.

*Based on all terms and conditions of the policy being met

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URP Healthcare’s Bespoke Service

Group 52

Andy Foley

Head of Healthcare
URP Healthcare
+44 (0)7747 624080

Andy Foley is the Head of the URP Healthcare division.

The breadth and depth of Andy’s expertise, over forty years of working across both the medical and insurance industries, is vast. Andy has delivered a bespoke and valued service from his earliest roles providing top-quality products and solutions to the medical industry through his years of experience providing medical protection to UK surgeons and medical practitioners.

Andy is highly regarded, well-connected, and is justly recognised as a trusted expert in his field. As a result, he is a regular speaker at numerous industry events.

Andy leads the team of regulated Lloyds of London brokers, sharing his experience and expertise by taking a collaborative approach to delivering exceptional solutions to clients in the medical sector.

Andy is supported by the leadership team at United Risk Partners.

Johan Haggo, President of United Risk Partners, has more than 25 years of insurance market experience. He has been involved on all sides of the spectrum from working at an MGA as a producing and placing insurance broker, and in senior underwriting positions on both Company and Lloyd’s syndicate level. Johan has developed a deep understanding of this specialised market that is insurance, he is strategic, tactical and client focused.

Sam Hovey, Chief Accountant, has been in the London Insurance market for more than 25 years. Having held prominent positions at some of the largest independent brokers in the market such as Chief Executive Officer at Cooper Gay and Group Chief Financial and Operations Director at Besso. Sam has always been at the forefront when it comes to financial, operational and compliance matters in the insurance sector.


Medical Indemnity for the healthcare professional

URP Healthcare is a subsidiary of United Risk Partners, experts in providing insurance solutions across various specialties, including healthcare. The team includes some of the best and most experienced brokers in the healthcare sector, ensuring that you, as a client, get the best products and services available.

We make it our business to be at the forefront of product development and entrenched in the medical community as a whole.

Expert medico-legal advice 24/7 from experienced specialised advisers

Our policies cover the costs and damages arising from clinical negligence claims, GMC and other professional accountability procedures

Specialist lawyers provide our expert medico-legal advisory service

Security in retirement: 25-year run-off cover is available

Robust defence of your professional reputation if you face a GMC, Trust or disciplinary hearing

Professional medical indemnity that meets GMC requirements, pays your legal costs and compensates patients if you face a claim

Offer a risk management programme

A seamless transfer from your current provider will be managed


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